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Hiyya! My name's Kou!

I hope you like weebs cause' here I am


If you wanna add me in switch I could DM you my fc :)

Favorite games:

  • ACNH
  • Splatoon2
  • Minecraft
  • AHIT
  • SSBU


You already heard me say it once, I'm a weeb! So here are some of my fave anime:

  • BNHA
  • TBHK
  • The promised neverland
  • Love Live!
  • mekakucity actors -Both of the danganronpa anime And there's a lot more but if I wrote them all down I'd be here for hoURs


I have a discord too! @Ghosty~#6340 DM me if you wanna join my very dead server :] we do gaming events every Saturday: 1:00 pm ~ 4:50 pm PST!