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May 06, 2020 12:15:08 +0000 (UTC)

  Good Morning, Everyone! Looks like today is going to be another perfect, tropical day!  


Good Morning, Everyone! Looks like today is going to be another perfect, tropical day!

Hello, everyone, this is LWentworth8567 also known as Lance, Mayor of GT Park (my file in New Leaf)... Until recently... You see, A few days ago someone named Hajime Hinata called my office and asked me to come to renovate an island he let Tom Nook Have. I couldn't resist getting some time out of the office so I immediately packed up to go to a more desolate version of Jabberwock Island... I think the others got sunk... as there's only 1 island instead of the six islands in the brochure... On my arrival, I immediately met Boone and Agnes and got to work on a new adventure of Animal Crossing: new Horizons.

Now that the island backstory is out of the way. You guys probably have seen me a little in Sukutomo & Idol Story... or on the internet... or somewhere else. I love to play Animal Crossing when it's time to wind down. My new Horizons island is based on Danganronpa 2's Location. Jabberwock. It's a long story on why but in short a short 2 words... In Joke.

You may notice I have a villager ally. She's the one working on the island's art. In her free time, Chloe will be popping on and making sure the art looks nice and change things as needed. She also uses a profile on New Leaf to QR code some designs when she can't sit down to modify them in person. She made the hopes peak flag and shirt I am wearing in the photo and is thinking about any revisions she wants to make to it.

We just got the island set up to have the upgraded resident services and I think it's a good time to start slowly rolling out the island! Visitors in the future can expect hopefully an Island 1 experience with what our plans are! Hopefully, we can get along?

Note: GT Park Staff Inc. is not responsible for any robotic stuffed bears on the island!