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June 17, 2020 14:36:50 +0000 (UTC)



At the start of the game, me and my friend were a fan of Love Live and here I am in Mari and she in Riko! Nyanner

Image Image

I am very happy these are old photos from the beginning of the game but I remain in love, I share with you! his photos have been shared on Instagram too, follow me if you want: https://www.instagram.com/ichii.chan/

thank you to my best friend i love you very much we have fun together !!

Here I am in Honoka of the song: A Song for You! You?You!!


I love Mari and Honoka and the next one will be Aya from Bandori Party share Bang Dream!

June 15, 2020 20:30:14 +0000 (UTC)



Coco is singing and it's so creepy. She sounds like she's trying to summon a demon or something, except with a really high-pitched voice.

I also posted a little video of it on twitter, here: https://twitter.com/OhhelloPipe/status/1272619807452459008

June 13, 2020 23:21:51 +0000 (UTC)


So, I'm finally back to ACNH and I've been progressing more now, so I'm finally able to get more villagers. I was checking what villager was coming to the house I just finished furnishing and it said Coco. Since I'm a noob at Animal Crossing, I looked up what Coco looked like, and.... WHY IS SHE SO SCARY?! And why do I feel like she's also an extremely popular villager? She just has that sort of vibe of a very well-known and liked villager.

Edit: Well, it looks like she is a pretty popular villager. That's lucky. Am I gonna have another burst of luck? Please let this be a sign that I'll get the new CHU2 card in BanG Dream!, please Babanbo-sama.

May 17, 2020 22:25:50 +0000 (UTC)

I have 300 NMT, one free house, and 4 dreamies to get. Wish me luck ;_;

I have 300 NMT, one free house, and 4 dreamies to get. Wish me luck ;_;

May 25, 2020 00:13:25 +0000 (UTC)


Rizzo wanted to move out and I was super duper torn cause I've come to rly love him ... he's been sending me a lot of stuff (including A GENUINE MOTHERLY STATUE which just cemented my hc of him being a retired art thief, he probably just had that sitting in a basement somewhere) and I felt like we were really getting close ;__; at the same time I did wanna go villager hunting, he sounded like he really wanted to go, and I used to think I'd let him if he ever wanted to leave.

I really couldn't decide, it was complete agony. so I told myself "if the daily free solo on SIF All Stars is something better than a Rare, he stays" as some sort of makeshift coin toss.

long story short I have my dream Kanan UR now and Rizzo is never leaving Jellypunch. considering how relieved I was about that, I probably would have regretted it anyway. I started out being kinda eh on him design-wise but he really is just a wonderful lil mouse dude and I love him lots,,, please don't brush off villagers you don't immediately like just yet, they may turn out to be amazing friends!!!

I do have to talk to him about the art theft thing though
May 10, 2020 18:08:54 +0000 (UTC)

Tammy is wearing  the dress I...

Tammy is wearing the dress I made 😭

This is making me so happy, she's so precious, I love her. sassy queen!